Kyle Garlick
#41 Kyle Garlick
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Post: RF   Status: aktivní
Narozen: 26. 1. 1992 (La Habra, CA, USA)
Pálka: R   Hody: R   Výška: 6-1 (185 cm)   Váha: 210 lbs. (95 kg)
College: Cal Poly Pomona
Draft: žádný
Los Angeles Dodgers


nerozbaleno Kyle Garlick hit his third homer in 45 at-bats this season Thursday
(16. 8. 2019, 02:35:36, rotoworld)
<p><a href="">Kyle Garlick</a> hit his third homer in 45 at-bats this season Thursday in the loss to the Marlins.</p><p>Garlick is hitting a modest .244 and he has a 19/3 K/BB ratio, but he is supplying some pop against lefties. He doesn't figure to have much of a role once the Dodgers get healthier.</p> (více...)

nerozbaleno Kyle Garlick with a solo shot in the fifth
(15. 8. 2019, 22:49:29, @Dodgers)
<a href="">Kyle Garlick</a> with a solo shot in the fifth! #Dodgers cut Marlins' lead, 2-1. <a class="twitter-pic-popup" type="image" twitter-image="" href=""></a> (více...)

nerozbaleno Dodgers recalled outfielder Kyle Garlick from Triple-A Oklahoma
(13. 8. 2019, 21:35:11, rotoworld)
<p>Dodgers recalled outfielder <a href="">Kyle Garlick</a> from Triple-A Oklahoma City.</p><p>Garlick is hitting .216/.275/.707 in 40 PA during his stints with the Dodgers this season. He'll get the occasional start against left-handed pitching.</p> (více...)

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