Starling Marte
#6 Starling Marte
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Post: CF   Status: aktivní
Narozen: 9. 10. 1988 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
Pálka: R   Hody: R   Výška: 6-1 (185 cm)   Váha: 190 lbs. (86 kg)
College: žádná
Draft: žádný
Pittsburgh Pirates


nerozbaleno Finding A Match In A Starling Marte Trade
(9. 10. 2019, 21:07:02, MLBTradeRumors)
Pirates center fielder Starling Marte isn’t a perfect player, but he’s a very good one. And he’s now within two seasons of free agency, with the Bucs looking increasingly unlikely to contend before that time comes. The 31-year-old ought to have plenty of appeal, given that he can be controlled through 2021 for just $24MM… (více...)

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